Leadership Course Design 



This is ideal for the following:


If you're in charge of a group of leaders in your organisation, and you want to know how to get the best out of them, or you're experiencing large amounts of change, then this is for you.



Emergency Services organisations that need a course designed specifically for leaders who work in high risk, high pressure, complex working environments.


Applied industry's where you want to build a leadership course that fits your 'hands on' and applied staff. This could be for your Tourism or Trades organisation. 


What You'll Get

  • Clarity

    Clarity on where to start, the building blocks and the educational philosophy that makes the learning engaging. 

  • Support

    Don't worry, our team have your back. We will be there through the design process, evaluation and then final implementation phase.  

  • Transition Plans

    Don't worry, our team have your back. The course will be more than just a course. It will include transition plans to support the leader through to their new leadership role.

  • Learning Preferences 

    We start by assessing the learning preferences of your leaders. This provides scientific information on how to best build the course to be effective for your staff.  

  • Free consult

    Delve into a free consult with me directly, so we can start tackling your biggest leadership struggles.



Ashley has been assisting Fire and Emergency New Zealand with delivery on their new Incident and Leadership Development Course (ILDC). The ILDC provides Fire and Emergency New Zealand’s officers with a week of leadership development and a week of tactical command training via state of the art simulation software.


He was first brought on to deliver one day of experiential learning and team building, but due to his vast experience in leadership facilitation, we realised he had a LOT more to offer the course.


He worked with course participants to understand their personalities better. He then helped them to build on their strengths, and to recognise their weaknesses, enabling them to be better leaders, commanders and managers.


Ashley now delivers all non-operational leadership content on the course and is also instrumental in shaping the ILDC course itself as it evolves and develops. His personable presentation style and breadth of experience in facilitating leadership delivery saw him quickly become an integral part of the delivery team.


Fire and Emergency New Zealand

About Me


Hey I'm Ashley, I've worked in some of the most adrenaline, heart pumping environments in the world, I've worked in the tertiary education sector, and finally years working with the New Zealand Army and Fire & Emergency New Zealand.


Having worked with some of the most courageous leaders in the country I've developed a strong desire to figure out what makes people tick and uncover the behaviours which make amazing leaders.
I'm also a bit of an adrenaline junky and love to kayak some pretty full on patches of white water (the hair probably gives it away).


Let's have a chat about how to build the best course for your leaders.


Talk soon,

Ashley Cheeseman (aka Cheese)



What Others Are Saying

Cheese has a very personable approach to helping people achieve their full potential. He's helped me understand my strengths, weaknesses, and my personality characteristics, which means I'm now able to manage my everyday and professional behaviours better. Already, this has proven to be helpful in my family life as well as my business life.

Kev England

Course Creator - Haz-Ed

This is based on the effective modelling of constructive behaviours and being willing and able to identify the behaviours that may be barriers to progress. It allows you to find constructive solutions in difficult or emotionally charged circumstances.

Nigel Parry

Commercial Director - Moxion