Personal Leadership Behaviour Coaching

Ideal for:

  • Executive Leaders
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs/Solopreneurs
  • Leaders with a highly public image
  • Middle Management
  • HR Managers
  • Anyone with the need for discreteness

Personal leadership coaching is the ultimate in one on one development.


Ideal for those who want a more tailored and intensive approach to leadership development.

  1. You'll get unprecedented access to me as I work directly with you. Together we will identify and analyse your leadership behaviours. This is important because there will be a number of behaviours which you may or may not be aware of that are hindering your performance as a leader.
  2. Next we work out the ultimate plan of attack on how to manage these behaviours.
  3. You'll go from where you are now to a powerful leader armed with strategic self-awareness whereby you deploy your most effective behaviours at the right times for the best outcomes.

Sounds good right?

  • Signs you may need leadership coaching

    1.  You have intense, everyday staff interactions
    2. You have higher than average staff turnover
    3. You struggle to get buy-in or assistance from other leaders
    4. You feel like progress in your job is regularly an uphill battle

Ashley (aka Cheese) has a very personable approach to helping people achieve their full potential. He has helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses, as well as my personality characteristics, which means I am now able to manage my everyday and professional behaviours.

- Kev England - Haz-Ed

Ashley (aka Cheese) utilises a fully participative instructional delivery style. His inclusive approach allows all to own the lesson/discussion and thereby draw on personal examples to improve.

Ideal for:

  • Executive Leadership Teams
  • Middle Management/Team Leaders
  • Any team within an organisation

    1. There is often friction within the team
    2. As a group you are not as productive as you know you're capable of
    3. There is hesitance for members to work together

Ashley/Cheese has worked with an array of leaders who have all demonstrated the many and varying styles of leadership. Through an understanding of leadership profiling and the use of development tools, he aided in their leadership awareness and effectiveness, whilst working in an austere environment. 

Ideal for:

  • Any leader who wants to shake things up
  • Any leader who is tired of the same old leadership training
  • Any leader who wants to reconnect with themselves and find their true north
  • Leaders looking for new inspiration and connections

  • Signs you may need the Royale with Cheese

Challenging people to move out of their comfort zone has associated risk. Ashley/Cheese puts safety first while still achieving challenging and dynamic environments.

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