About Me

Hi I'm Ashley Cheeseman

I remember it like it was yesterday, my boss and I had a pretty good relationship until this point. I was feeling safe and had my walls down as I worked away at my desk. The next thing I felt this sharp stinging pain in my back, it was almost like I'd just been stung.
I turned around to see my boss jeering at me with an evil smile. I was in shock as I came to the realisation he'd just hammered a staple into my back. What would possess a person to think this was okay in the workplace?
That was it, the point of no return, our trust and relationship were lost forever. In hindsight, it was this moment which sparked a strong desire to figure out what makes people tick and uncover the behaviours which make amazing leaders.
It went on to help me carve out a successful career working with, studying and molding some of the countries most courageous leaders in both the NZ Army and Fire Emergency NZ.
People often laugh when they see my hair, and then I tell them of some of the most demanding environments I've worked in which soon results in their jaws dropping.  Don't let my appearance fool you, I am no joke when it comes to great leadership.
From kayaking down some of the most treacherous stretches of water in the world to pottering away on my lifestyle block with my fiance, I live a life that many dream of and I love bringing leaders who want a competitive edge into my world to help them become extraordinary.
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Ashley Cheeseman (Aka Cheese)


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