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We Design & Deliver

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1. Initial Consult

It's important for us to get to know you first and understand what you're wanting help with. That's why all of our clients start with a free in person or over the phone consultation

2. Scientific-based Testing

We run through a number of scientifically backed behaviours-based assessments (at Your Best and at Your Worst) and values-based personality assessment. We uncover exactly who you are with a high degree of accuracy.

3. Development Courses

In a group course setting we can analyse your results and have a thorough discovery session with you or your team. We discuss in depth your behaviours and values 

4. Ongoing Support

Once we've established your behaviours and values we work out a plan and ongoing support to help you manage any strengths, your destructive behaviours while working on aligning your life to your values


Course Participant

Ashley is super passionate in this field and leads by example. He displays exceptional listening skills, gives fantastic constructive interpretation and advice, and provides invaluable one on one feedback. His desire to see all course participants grow as Leaders was inspiring.

Course Participant

Cheese facilitates a very engaging and pragmatic leadership awareness and development program.  The content is current, relevant and research based with a good balance of personal experience.

Course Participant

Working with Strategic Self Awareness has been great for my professional development. Carrying out Hogan reports has helped me discover, as well as confirm which traits are high and low in me. This has opened my eyes to how I interact with my work peers and what effect it can have on them as a leader.

Leadership Services

Below you will find our most popular services

Personal Leadership Coaching

If you want to take your leadership style by the horns and fast track your ability to execute change, then this is for you.


Perfect for C-Suite Executives, Solopreneurs, SME Owners and Middle Management.






Group Leadership Development 

Get your entire team in sync and crushing your organisational goals.


Perfect for Executive Leadership Teams, Management Teams or Any Team Across an organisation.








Frontier Leadership Services

Is your organisation entering a new frontier in it's life? Maybe the organisation needs a culture correction to remove Bullying? Maybe further education on the benefits of a Diverse and Inclusive workplace? Or is your organisation going through unprecedented disruption and change?

​We can design your leadership courses, using science, education, and keeping the end user in mind.


This service is perfect to help modernise your organisation.

ThThis cours

The Royale With Cheese

Not after your traditional leadership coaching? This is a course that is designed to take you out of your comfort zone and learn in a truly epic environment.


This is ideal for anyone who is looking to reconnect with themselves while developing quality leadership behaviours.





Got any questions, or can't find what you're looking for?

Te Punaha Whakapakari
Strengthening the System

A Leadership Retreat Strengthened with RIDE in Rotorua, NZ

This unique leadership retreat will have you coming away with the skills that will help you RIDE to the top of your game! This program is specifically designed to take you to the edge of your comfort zone to help you become self-aware as a leader through workshops in and out of the forest. We will give you the skills – both in leadership and mountain biking – to help you develop yourself into a stronger leader.


This program is based on the latest contemporary leadership theory, science and adapted to the lifestyle (mountain biking) that we love as New Zealanders. By learning more about yourself, how you react under pressure, and your ability to learn and adapt, we will have you coming out of this retreat with a clear set of goals and strategies to help your leadership in the workplace.


Click on the button below to see more details. 

What are your destructive behaviours?


The key to great leadership is knowing yourself, or as many refer to as Self-Awareness. It all starts with learning about your personality, your behaviours and your values. Once you know yourself inside and out, then leading becomes a whole lot more simpler.


Ashley Cheeseman (aka Cheese)


I've worked in some of the most adrenaline, heart pumping environments in the world such as the Outdoor Pursuits industry, through to years working with the New Zealand Army and Fire Emergency New Zealand.


And even though I've developed and worked with leaders of the highest calibre, I never originally set out to become a leadership coach.


It was actually a dark day with a former boss which drove me down this path........


Ashley has been assisting Fire and Emergency New Zealand with delivery on their new Incident and Leadership Development Course (ILDC). The ILDC provides Fire and Emergency New Zealand’s officers with a week of leadership development and a week of tactical command training via state of the art simulation software.


He was first brought on to deliver one day of experiential learning and team building, but due to his vast experience in leadership facilitation, we realised he had a LOT more to offer the course.


He worked with course participants to understand their personalities better. He then helped them to build on their strengths, and to recognise their weaknesses, enabling them to be better leaders, commanders and managers.


Ashley now delivers all non-operational leadership content on the course and is also instrumental in shaping the ILDC course itself as it evolves and develops. His personable presentation style and breadth of experience in facilitating leadership delivery saw him quickly become an integral part of the delivery team.


Fire and Emergency New Zealand


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